On Saturday the 25th November I went to the scouthouse because I would meet my scoutfriends. Anna, Laura, Simon, Max, Felix and Muuusch joined me there. We started the meeting with my favorite song „Drei schwarze Rosse“. We hiked through the city park and then we crossed the „Deads Hill“. Now we went to a little forest near Dorfen.

When we arrived the campsite, we built our sleeping places for the night. We didn’t need a tent because we had a big roof tarp, sleeping bags and lots of blankets. In the evening we made a campfire with collected wood from around us. We built a bench and chairs to sit on. For dinner we cooked a hot meal on the fire. Afterwards we started to sing, play and laugh. At 23 o’clock we went to sleep. The night was very cold. Snow started to fall on our tarp. At the next morning it was hard to get up because the sleeping bag was so warm but it was very cold outside of it. At 6:30 we ate breakfast with fried bacon and baguette. After the meal everybody packed his backpack and we hiked home to Dorfen. It was a very nice weekend.